Sunday, June 23, 2013

BitterGourd Pakoda (Hagalakai Gatti Baje)

Hagalakai Gatti Baje.. Gatti in tulu means Hard and Baje means pakoda...

My dad loves fried food and my mom used to make this as munchies for him quite often. As a kid I used to hate this Baje as it was made of BitterGourd.. Last time when I went home, when I ate this, I just loved it :)
It was the right mix of bitterness, salt and spice.. I can finish off the entire lot with a cuppa in hand :)

Here is how you do it.. Straight from mom's kitchen

You need

Bitter gourd - 1 sliced into thin roundels 
Chiroti Rava - 1 cup

Maida - 1/2 cup
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Corn flour - 1 tbsp
Red chillie powder - 2 tbsp (believe me this is not too much! adjust as per taste)
Sour Butter milk - 1.5 cups
Hing - 1 tsp (ssp powder)
Oil for deep frying

Slice the Bitter Gourd into thin roundels. (you can use the potato chips slicer)
Add salt to the buttermilk and keep it ready
Dunk the Bitter Gourd roundels into buttermilk and let it rest

Mix Rava, maida, rice flour, corn flour, red chillie powder, hing and salt
Take the roundels out of the buttermilk and mix with the above mixture
Add the butter milk little by little and make a dough (consistency should be that of chapati Dough)

Heat oil
take the dough and make flat pakoda (pat the dough between your thumb and the next 3 fingers)
Deep fry till golden brown
Ensure frying is done on medium flame else the pakodas will be hard from the outside and uncooked from the inside.
Drain on absorbent paper
Once it comes to room temperature you can store it in airtight containers. This lasts for atleast a week.
Serve with a hot cup of Tea or coffee

Now this is off to Priya's Healthy Diabetic recipes, Foodabulous Fest hosted by Shruti originally started by Preeti Garg (Simply Tadka) and to Walk Through Memory Lane hosted by Shruti originally started by Gayatri

Do not use Ripe bittergourds as the taste is not the same
I add 2 tsp salt for 1 cup of butter milk
While adding salt to the dough remember you are using buttermilk for making the dough and you have already added salt to it.
BitterGourd helps to lower blood glucose in diabetics. 


Shobha Kamath said...

This is a new method of frying bittergourd. I am sure it tastes good. Will try it out next time.

Aysha Dileen said...

Havent tried this dish till now.Will surely try your version.You have an amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the most interesting method of eating karela that I have come across till date. Looks yum!