Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mushroom Balls

I love mushrooms...and this is one of my favourite comfort foods. .The first time I tasted these was on my first trip to US. That was store brought and after coming back to India I searched in all major retail outlets for these.. no luck. Then browsed the net and finally after lots of trails and errors this is the nearest I could get to

You need

Button mushrooms - 15 cleaned
Cornflour - 4 tbsp
Onion - 1 medium sized cubed
Green chillis - 5 - 6 (as required)
Garlic pods - 5 -6
Bread - 3 (a day old bread is better)
Oil for deep frying

Grind the onion, garlic and green chillis into a fine puree
Mix the Cornflour, the above puree and salt
Add water as required to make a thin batter
Put the Bread in the mixer to make fine crumbs
Dunk the mushrooms in the batter and let it rest for about 10 mins
Heat oil
Take a mushroom from the batter coat it with the bread crumbs and fry it in the oil on medium flame
Ensure the oil temperature is not very hot else the mushroom ball will become brown very quickly
If the oil is not hot enough the mushroom ball will drink oil and turn soggy!
Fry one ball after the other and drain the excess oil
Serve hot with Ketchup


Hema said...

We all luv mushrooms at home, this looks like a good starter..

sangee vijay said...

sounds interesting, great snack for kids...will try this for sure,thanks for the recipe..
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Sravs said...

very interesting and delicious snack !!

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Shree said...

thank you Hema, Sangee, Sravs :)

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Mushroom balls sounds very interesting and very delicious to look at...

DV said...

beautiful snack!!! Lovely way to introduce mushrooms to kids!