Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sankranthi Everyone :) (Sugar Candy / Sakkare Achu)

"Mathe Bandide Sanktanthi.. Ukki Hariyali nimma Manelyalli Sukha Shanti"

In my mom's house, we did not have he tradition of distributing Ellu and bella.. we just used to give it to girls who used to come to our house and I remember fighting with mom asking her why I can't go out and do it!!

After A was born my MIL was soo happy and enthusiastic about getting A all decked up and distributing Ellu & Bella... The preparations start 1 week in advance. A is very fascinated with everything I wear.. and now it is the patiala bottoms.. and every time we go out to shop for her, her request would be "patiala pant tagoloona" (Let us buy patiala pants). I think I would have searched almost every shop in commercials and Malleshwaram searching for a full patiala pant for her.. Then we decided to get on the net and get a pattern and stitch the pant oursleves..

Here is how it came :)

This time I made the sakkare achu getting inspired by my Aunt from whom I got this recipe

You need:
Sugar - 1 cup
Milk - 0.5 cup
Water - 0.5 cup
Lemon - 1 tsp
Food Color of your choice - I used blue as per A's demand
Moulds - I used chocolate moulds (wash it in water before using it)

Soak the sugar in water and allow it to rest for 15 mins
Dissolve all the sugar
Keep a white muslin cloth ready to strain the solution
Boil the sugar solution in a thick bottomed pan over low flame
When the solution starts boiling and frothing, remove it from flame and immediately strain using the muslin cloth
Clean the pan.
Add 0.25 cup milk to the solution
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Clean the pan
Add the remaining milk to the solution
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Add lemon juice, the milk will curdle
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Add the food color
Boil the sugar solution on medium flame till it stats to thicken (Keep stirring)
Consistency check - Drop a small drop on a plate and you should be able to move it with a match stick without breaking the drop
Remove and pour it in the moulds
Allow it to cool for 15 - 20 mins
Tap on the back of the mould to get the sakkare achu


Recipe world said...

Dear Shree,

For me, lovely girl with in new dress looks looks more attractive ;) Nice recipe and wish you happy Pongal!

Shree said...

:) true

Priya Sreeram said...

tht's really a sweet post and hey wishes to the beautiful angel for the everlasting smile !