Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kudu Saaru (Horse gram Rasam)

This Rasam is supposed to be very good for health (no wonder I am not a big fan of this!!) and makes a nice variation to the normal rasam. 

You need:
Horse gram / Kudu - 2 tbsp
Coconut - 1/4 cup grated
Rasam powder - 1.5 tbsp
Tamarind Juice - 2 tbsp (see notes)
Red chillie powder - 1 tsp (optional)
Green chillies - 3 slit in half
Jaggery - 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
Hing - 1 pinch
Coriander leaves - for garnish

For the tempering:
Mustad - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Dry red chillies - 1 cut into 1 cm pieces
Curry leaves - 8 - 10 leaves
Oil - 1 tsp

Dry roast horse gram till it becomes red in colour on med - high flame
Grind it with the coconut and reasm powder in to a fine paste
Heat 4 cups of water
When it starts to boil add turmeric powder, tamarind juice, green chillies and Jaggery
Add in the ground paste
Mix well add salt and let it boil for another 4 -5 mins
Add hing mix well and remove from flame
Prepare the tempering - heat oil, add mustard when it starts spluttering add the urad dal, red chillie and curry leaves
Add to the Rasam
Garnish with coriander leaves
Serve hot with rice

This tastes better the next day
Tamarind Juice - Boil 1/4 cup water. Drop the lemon sized ball of tamarind into it. Let it sit for 10 mins. Squeeze the tamarind and mix it well with water. Use 2 tbsp for the rasam

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kadale puri Oggarane (Puffed Rice Poha)

Kadale puri Oggarane / Mandakki Oggarane is one of the evening snacks I remember my mom making when were kids. The recipe has undergone quite a few changes and this is one which I like the most.

This is one of the easy breakfast items that you can prepare if you have Kadle puri on hand.

You need:
Kadlepuri / Puffed rice - 4 cups
Onion - thinly sliced 1 cup
Potato - 1 medium sized- finely chopped 
Green Peas - 1/2 cup cooked 
Green chillies - 4 -5 (adjust as per taste)
Red chillie powder - 1 tsp
Lemon Juice - 2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
Oil - 2 tsp
Coriander leaves & grated coconut for garnish

For the tempering
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard - 1/2 tsp 
Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Dry red chillies - 1 cut into 1cm pieces

Take the puffed rice in a perforated container and hold it under the take for 2 - 3 mins.
Set it aside and allow the water to drain.

In a pan take 1 tsp oil, add the chopped potatoes and fry on medium heat for 3 - 4 mins till it is cooked.
Keep it aside
In the pan, prepare the tempering - heat oil, add mustard when it starts spluttering add the urad dal and then the red chillies
Add the slit green chillies and onion
Fry on med - high heat till the onions turn translucent and pinkish
Add the potatoes and cooked peas
Fry for another 1 minute
Add the red chillie powder, turmeric powder and salt
Mix well
Add the puffed rice and mix well
Add the lemon juice
Garnish with Coconut and coriander leaves
Serve hot

I used fresh peas - I think they taste better :)
Check the puffed rice by pressing it between your fingers, it should feel like cooked rice, if not then repeat the first step again

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sooji Rotti and Bhindi Gojju

I was browsing around thinking what to cook on that day and by chance came across the Sooji roti recipie here. The rotis are sooo soft and tasty, I kept the remaining dough in the fridge and made the rotis for lunch box :)

You need
Chiroti Rava - 2 cups
Water - 3 cups
Rice flour for dusting
Oil - 1 tbsp

Boil the water
Add salt and oil
Mix well
Add the sooji little by little and mix ensuring that there are no lumps
Mix well till the water dries up and dough starts coming up form the pan
Remove and let it sit for 10 mins
Knead well into a smooth dough
take lemon sized balls, dip it in rice flour and roll out using rolling pins into a circle
Heat the tava and cook on both sides

Bhindi Gojju

You need:
Bhindi - slit and chopped 1 cup
Onion - finely chopped - 0.5 cup
Tomato - finely chopped - 0.5 cup
Red chillie powder - 3 tsp (adjust as per taste)
Oil - 3 tsp
Mustard, urad dal, red chillie for tadka

Fry Bhindi till the stickiness goes off. Fry on medium flame for 5 - 8 mins
remove and keep aside

Heat oil
Add mustard. when it splutters add urad dal, red chiilie
Add Onion and fry till it becomes pink in colour
Add chopped tomatos and fry on medium flame for 3 - 4 mins
Add red chillie powder and salt and fry till oil starts coming out of the edges
Add bhindi
Mix well and fry for cook it for another 5 mins on low flame
Do not cover the pan at any time during cooking.

Bread Chaat

The weather outside was very gloomy and the demand in the house was to make something nice and spicy. I was all set to make some quick bread sandwiches and was not really interested in spending hrs in the kitchen.. This is what I made

You need:
Bread - 1 pound
Potato - Boiled and mashed 1 cup
Peas - cooked 1 cup
Onion - finely chopped 1 cup
Curd - beaten 1 cup
Sev for decoration
Green chutney 
Sweet Chutney - I used Bhelpuri chutney
Red chillie powder - 1 tbsp (optional)


Mix mashed potatos, peas, salt and little red chillie powder.
Keep it aside

Remove the crust from the bread and keep it aside
Heat the tawa and toast the bread (you can also toast it using toaster). I did not use any oil / ghee / butter
Cut the bread into 1X1 inch pieces
Arrange in on the serving plate
Put a little potato peas mixture on each bread piece
Add a little onion
Pour 1/2 tbsp curd on each piece
Drizzle green chutney and red chutney and red chillie powder (optional)
Add sev
Serve :)

Green Chutney:
Pudina leaves - 1/4 cup
Green chillis - 8 - 9 (adjust as per taste)
Coriander leaves - 1 cup
Onion - 1 medium sized
Tamarind - 1 small lemon sized ball
Jeera - 1 tsp

Grind into fine paste with little or no water

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jackfruit with puran filling

I love summer coz you get jackfruit :) When I came across this recipe at Jayanthi's blog I wanted to try it. Today got some good jackfruit pieces from Malleswaram, and first thing I did was keep some aside for this before all in my family finished it off..

You need
Jackfruit pieces - 8 
Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Grated coconut - 1/2 cup
Condensed milk (sugared) - 1 tbsp (original recipe called for 3 tbsp but my jacfruit was very sweet so I reduced the quantity)
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
Salt - 1 pinch 
Water - 3 tbsp

1. Make a slit in the jackfruit and remove the seed ensuring that shape of the fruit is retained
2. Heat water in a heavy bottomed pan
3. Add the Jaggery and stir all the jaggery is melted.
4. Add in the condensed milk, coconut, cardamom powder and salt.
5. Stir till the moisture evaporates. You should be able to stir the mixture easily at this time
6. Remove from heat and let it cool a little; stuff about 1 tbsp mixture into the jackfruit pieces
7. Serve immediately

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dahi Vada (Uddina Vade)

Uddina Vade is something of which I have very fond memories of. Bajjambode (Urad dal vadas in gravy - will post this recipe some other day)  was something that my mom used to make almost every time when we used to have someone over at my home.

When I saw the recipie on Jayanthi's blog, wanted to do it today :)

You need
Urad dal - without the skin 1 cup, soaked in water for 2 hrs
Green chillies - 5 (adjust as per taste)
Ginger - grated 1 tsp
Rice flour - 1/2 tbsp
Curds - 1/2 ltr

For Garnish
Chat masala
Chopped coriander leaves
Bhondi / Sev

1. Grind urad dal, green chillies and ginger into smooth paste. Add very little water while grinding (just sprinkle little water).
2. Add hing, salt and rice flour to the mixture and mix well.
3. Boil water in a pan. Simmer it in to low so that the water is not bubbling but hot.
4. Heat oil in a Pan. When the oil is hot, take a little dough on your palm, make hole in the center and carefully transfer in to the oil. Or you can even make balls and drop it in water. Repeat this process and drop 4 or 5 vadas in oil and fry them. Flip occasionally for even browning.
5. Remove the vada and drop them into the hot water. Let it si for 2 mins
6. Flip and allow it to sit for another couple of mins.
7. Mix hing, salt and chopped green chillis to the curd.
8. Squueze the vadas lightly with the help of a laddle to remove excess water and drop them into the readied curd mixture.
9. Allow it to sit for 30 mins
10. To serve, take each vada into a bowl, top it with the curd mixture. Garnish with coriander leaves and chat masala.

Mavinakayi Chitranna (Mango Rice)

It has been such a hectic weeks - work work and soo much work!!! I have not been cooking much.. just whipping up something for dinner and back with the laptop!! Hope the nest week is better...

I am late for this month;s blog hop. Hope Radhika would include this in the list.

For this month's blog hop I have been paired with Jayanthi of sizzlingveggies. The blog is a treasure trove. .I am sooo happy for finding it :)

I love mavinakayi chitranna and decided to do it and pair it with uddina vada for lunch.. but forgot to soak the dal for the vada.. now the dal is soaking and will post the recipe later..

Now back to Mavina chitranna.

You need:

Mango - shredded 1 1/2 cup
Coconut - 3 Tbsp shredded
Green chillies - 4 to 5 (Original recipe called for red chillies)
Peanuts - 2 tbsp Roasted(Jayanthi used 1/4 cups)
Curry leaves - 5 to 6 leaves
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp (I skipped this)
Urad dal - 2 to 3 Tbsp (Original recipe called for Channa Dal)
Mustard seeds - 3 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil –2 Tbsp

Cooked rice — 2 cups (Make sure the rice is cooked so that the grains are separate. Easy way to ensure this is add a tbsp of oil or ghee to the rice, fry for a minute on medium flame and then add the water and pressure cook).

1. Remove skin from mango and shred them finely and keep aside. Keep 1 tbsp aside for garnish.
2. Grind green chillies, mustard seeds, coconut and shredded mango into a paste. Add very little water while grinding.
3. Heat oil in a kadai, and add the ground chutney. Stir frequently and cook till all the moisture from the chutney evaporates and the raw mustard smell goes away.
4. Spread the rice in a big plate/bowl and add the chutney, salt and mix. For seasoning, heat oil in a small pan, add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add urad dal and let it turn red. Now add the curry leaves and switch off the flame.
5. Add the seasoning along with peanuts and mix well with rice. Adjust salt to taste and serve immediately. Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chenna Poda - ICC

For this month's ICC challenge we have Chenna poda / Chhena poda - a speciality of Orissa. Srivalli suggested refer Shibani's for this recipe or here

This is the first time I have tried making Chenna at home and this was one experience :)

How to make Chenna

Milk - 1 ltr
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp


Boil Milk
Add the lemon juice slowly and wait for the milk to curdle
Stir slowly to ensure all the milk is curdled
Boil for another 2 mins
Using a muslin cloth drain the whey
Squeeze tightly and hang it for 1 hr to ensure all the water is out

Now came the surprising part - 1 ltr of milk yielded 150 gms of chenna!!! and the recipe was asking for atleast 600 gms of chenna

Now to make Chenna Poda

Chenna - 150 gms
Suji - 1 tbsp (soaked in 1 tbsp water)
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Cashews and raisins - fried in ghee 1 tbsp
cardamom powder - 1 pinch

In a big bowl mix all the above ingredients and knead for 5 -  6 mins
Pre-heat oven to 180C
I used cup cake trays to make the chena poda
Grease the pans with a little ghee
sprinkle sugar at the bottom and heat it on stove till sugar just melts
Spread the chenna mixture over the sugar and bake in oven till cooked (do the tooth prick test)
If you are using cup cake trays it will be done in 15 - 18 mins
Allow it to come down to room temperature and serve

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring roll (Indian Style)

This is one of my all time favorites. Most of the times when Iorder it in any indian hotel I am disappointed with the spring rolls that get served as they would either be filled with bean sprouts, or stuffing is not just working for me or most of the times the spring rolls are very very oily!!!

A couple of days back my boss was telling how he made menasina bajji at home using soda water and how much his kids loved it... and best part being the bhajji was not at all oily...

So using the same principle here are my spring rolls

You need:
Maida - 1 cup
Oil - 1 tsp
Soda water

For the stuffing
Noodles - 1 cup
Chopped vegetables - 1 cup (I used corn, capcisum, potatos, fresh peas and onion)
Oregano -  1 tsp
Pepper crushed -1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Red chilli sauce - 1 tbsp
Oil - 1 tsp

For closing the spring roll
1 tbsp corn flour mixed with 2 tbsp water

Mix the Maida, oil, salt and soda water to make a dough (consistency should be that of poori dough)
I dumped everything in a the processor and ran for 10 mins
Take the dough and keep covered

Cook the noodles as per instruction
In the mean time, Heat Oil in the pan
Add the potato and fry till almost cooked
Add the capcicum, onion, peas and corn and fry on medium flame for 2 - 3 mins
Add in the masala, salt and the sauce
Mix well. Add in the cooked noodles and cook covered on low flame for 5 mins

Take the dougn and make lemon sized balls
Roll the dough into a circle
Place the noodle stuffing and roll into the spring roll as shown below

Fold 1 on top of the stuffing
Fold 2 on top of the stuffing
Cover the stuffing and the folds 1 & 2 with 3 and start rolling
wet the edges of the circle with cornflour mixture and close the spring roll
Fry in oil. Make sure that the oil is not very hot and you are frying in medium to high flame.
Serve hot with Sauce

Finally I had a visitor in the garden behind my house giving me beady eyes...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tomato Soup

I am not a big fan of Tomato Soup but everyone else in my house... So my endeavor in making that perfect Tomato Soup started..

This recipe is what I call "My Best Tomato Soup" and is adapted from here

You need:

Onion - 1/2 cup sliced (1 medium sized) 
Carrot - 1/2 cup cubed
Beetroot - 1/2 cup cubed
Potato - 1 medium sized cubed
Tomatoes - 4 
Cloves - 5
Cinnamon stick - 1 inch
Pepper - 5
Bay leaf - 1 small leaf

Maida - 2 tsp
Red Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Sugar -1/2 tsp
Salt - to taste
Butter - 1 -2 tsp

Water - 3 - 4 cups

Boil Water.
Dunk the tomatoes in them and wait for 3 - 4 mins till the skin cracks
Remove the tomatoes from water, allow to cool and remove the skin
Chop into 4's

In a pressure cooker heat Butter
Add cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf and pepper corns
Fry on medium flame for 1 min
Add all the vegetables fry for another min on medium flame
Add 3 cups of water
Pressure cook for 3 whistles
Drain the water into another vessel and keep aside
Once the veggies are at room temperature puree them in a blender
Heat the pan on medium flame, add in the puree, maida, red chilli powder, sugar and salt
You can add crushed pepper corn also if you like
Mix well to ensure there are no lumps
Add in the vegetable broth we had kept aside
Mix well
Allow the soup to bubble up once
If you think the soup is thick add a little water
Serve hot.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bhappa Doi

I love Bengali Sweets ,so when we got a East Indian Cuisine Theme for our potluck in the office, I just knew I am going to prepare a Bengali Dessert :)

Bhappa Doi - Steamed Curds is one of easiest and tastiest desserts that you can make.

You Need

Set curds / Plain Yogurt - 1.5 cups
Milk - 2 cups
Condensed Milk - 1.5 cups

Hang the curds and remove the whey. You need 1 cup hung curds for this recipe
Boil the milk and reduce it to 1 cup. Allow it to cool to room temperature
Mix the hung curds, milk and condensed milk
Whip till frothy
Take a cake pan and pour the mixture into it
Heat oven to 350F
Take a pan which is bigger than the cake pan, fill it with water so that when the cake pan is placed in it the water covers 3/4 of the cake pan
Bake for 15 - 20 mins or till a fork inserted comes out without liquid residue
Do not fret if the bhapa doi is not set, chill it in the fridge for 3 - 4 hrs
Serve garnished with sliced almonds and pista

Note: I made the bhapa doi in a muffin tray and found that the dhapa doi gets cooked and evenly that putting it in a big cake pan.
There are lots of recipes on the net for this dessert with the same basic 3 ingredients.. this is what I made and I liked :)

This is off to I love Baking #2 by Radhika and I am the Star event at Veg Food and Me


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moong Sprouts fry

Moong sprouts are rich source of proteins and calcium.  As I would never get good sprout when I tried sprouting at home, I used to rely on store brought sprouts and hated eating till I found out how easy it was to sprout the dals with the sprouting vessel :)

You need:

Moong Sprouts - 2 cups
Onion - 1/2 cup finely chopped
Coconut - 1 tbsp grated
Mustard - 1tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Green chillies - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Lemon juice - 1 tsp

Heat 1 tsp oil in the non-stick pan.
Add mustard, once it starts to splutter add the urad dal
Add the chopped chillies and onion
Fry on medium heat till onion turns pink
Add the sprouts
Add Salt
Reduce the flame to low, cover the non-stick pan with a flat plate filled with water, ensuring no steam escapes from the non-stick pan
Cook for another 15 mins or till sprouts are just done.
Keep turning every 3-4 mins
Remove from heat and Garnish with coconut and lemon juice
Mix well and serve

Crunch Palak Balls (with a twist)

For this month's blog hop Wednesday I am paired with Nirmala of Nirmala's Kitchen. She has such a nice blog and this is what I decided to prepare...

You need

Palak - 1 cup chopped 
Onion - 1 cup- thinly sliced 
Bhindi - 1/2 cup - sliced into half and thinly sliced 
Green Chilli - 3 finely chopped
REd chilli powder - 1 tsp
Gram Flour - 1/2 cup
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Ghee melted - 1 tsp
Oil for frying

Mix all the ingredients except oil into a soft dough adding 2 very little water
The dough should not be watery
Heat oil
Take spoon full of batter and drop it into the oil
Fry on medium - hot flame till the pakoda turns golden in color
Serve hot with Sauce

Re-posting this and sending this to "Lets cook speed - snacks"

Brinjal Bhajji

Brinjal is one of the most versatile veggies you can find... I feel you can do a lot of experimentation with this and you will rarely go wrong if you decide to play a bit with the recipe..

Here is what you need to make this version of Brinjal Bhajji

Brinjal - 2 medium sized round white and purple brinjal thinly sliced
Tomato - 1 large cubed
Onion - 1 medium sized finely chopped
Green Chillies - 3, slit into halves
Garam Masala - 2 tsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 2 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Salt for taste

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Add Mustard, when it starts spluttering add the urad dal
Add the green chillies
Add the onion and fry till onion turns pink
Add the tomato and garam masala and salt
Add 1 tsp oil along the edges of the pan
Fry for another 2 mins
Remove from heat and allow it to cool
Grind into a fine paste

In the meantime, heat 3 tsp oil in the pan
Add the sliced brinjal
Fry on low - medium heat covered till brinjal is cooked

Mix in the paste and add 1/2 cup water
Mix well. Cover and cook for another 10 mins on medium flame

Serve with Roti

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chettinadu Bhindi

Continuing my saga of preparing "different" subzi for the lunch box this is what I made today..

You need

Bhindi - 1/2 kg
Tomato - 1 cup finely chopped
Onion - 1/2 cup thinly sliced  
Cashew Nuts - 4
Mustard, Urad dal - 1 tsp each 
Curry leaves - 4 - 5 leaves

For the Masala
Coconut - 2 tbsp grated
Rasam Powder - 2 tsp (I used MTR)
Cardamom - 2
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 1"

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Add the onion and fry till pink
Add tomato and rasam powder, cardamom, cloves and Cinnamon
Fry on medium till oil separates from the mixture
Add coconut and fry for another 2 mins on medium
Remove from flame and allow to cool

In the mean time,
Slice the bhindi lengthwise and cut into 1" pieces
Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Fry the bhindi till the stickiness is removed
Keep Aside

Coarsely grind the coconut mixture
Heat 1 tsp oil in pan
Add in the mustard and when it splutters add in the urad dal
When urad dal changes colour add in the curry leaves
Now add the coconut mixture and Salt and 1/2 cup water and cover and cook for 1 mins on medium flame
Add the bhindi and cover and cook for 4 - 5 mins
Serve with Roti / Rice

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capsicum Zunka

Toss between Beets or capsicum for lunch tomorrow.. and capsicum gets a majority!!!

Trivia on Bell Pepper - Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C. Green bell peppers have two times the vitamin C by weight than citrus fruits (oranges, lemons etc.)

You need
Capsicum - 2 medium cubed into 1/2cm cubes
Besan (Chick pea flour) - 2 tbsp
Red chilli Powder - 2 tsp (as required)
Garam Masala - 1 tsp
Mustard, Urad dal, red chillies - 1 tsp each

Mix the besan,red chilli powder, garam masala and salt and keep aside
Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Add mustard when splutters add urad dal and red chillies
When urad dal starts changing colour add in the cubed capsicum
Fry on high till capsicum is almost cooked
Reduce flame to medium
Add the dry powder mix
Drizzle 1 tsp of oil along the side of the pan
Fry for another 3 - 4 mins
Remove form flame
Serve with roti or rice

Gobhi Banana Cutlet

I am a big fan of Cauliflower and when hubby wanted to eat some snack after coming from office today, this is what I made

You need
Cauliflower- 1/2 cup Cleaned and grated 
Potato - 1 medium thinly chopped 
Raw Banana - thinly sliced 20 -25 slices
Bread slices - 3
Oregano - 2 tsp
Red chilli flakes - 1 tbsp

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Fry the grated cauliflower on high till cooked
Remove to a plate
Add 1 more tsp oil and fry the potato till cooked
In the mean time arrange the banana slices in a baking tray.
Drizzle 1 tsp oil and microwave for 3 mins
Add the cauliflower, banana slices to the cooked potato
Add salt, oregano and red chilli flakes
Mix well and remove from flame allow to cool
Grind into a coarse mix
Remove and keep aside
Grind the bread mix with the coarse mixture
Take Lemon sized balls of the mixture and flatten it with your palm to make the cutlets

Heat the tawa
Drizzle 1 tsp oil
Cook the cutlets on both sides till golden brown
Serve hot with Sauce

I am really happy to receive this Liebster Award from Pratibha . Pratibha has a nice collection of recipes. do visit her space and have a look around :)

"Leibster" means dearest in German and as with any award, there is bit of a ceremony involved.These are the rules if you accept the award:
  • Copy and paste the award on your blog. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
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  • Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.

Now let me pass it over to:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vennai Puttu (ICC - Indian cooking challenge)

For this month's ICC challenge, Srivalli choose Vennai Puttu an authentic recipe shared by Priya Suresh. Srivalli suggested Nirmala's post for reference.

I am very hesitant in trying out traditional recipes and when I read out this month's ICC challenge recipe to my MIL she said "Yes yes I remember I used to make this but we never added channa dal".. and this made me even worried about whether I would be able to get the same taste.. but like all tried and tested traditional recipe this came out soo yumm..

You need 
Raw rice - 1 cup
Jaggery - 1/2 cup Grated
Channa Dal - 1/4 
Coconut - 2 tbsp Shredded or sliced fresh coconut pieces
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Cashewnuts - few 
Salt (No mention of this in the recipe, added as per my MIL's advice)

Soak Rice in water for 3 hrs (I soaked the rice in hot water for 1 hr)

Cook Channa dal in cooker with 1 cup water for 3 whistles. You need to ensure that the channa dal is cooked but retains shape
Dissolve Jaggery in 1/4 cup water, strain and keep aside
Grind the rice in the mixer / grinder till it becomes a fine paste. I used 1/4 cup water to grind the rice
In a thick bottomed pan bring 2 cups of water to boil
Reduce flame to medium
Add the batter slowly and keep stirring (take help for this :) ), ensuring that the batter does not form lumps
Keep stirring till the rice is cooked
Add in the syrup, channa dal, cardamom and salt
Keep stirring till the mixture leaves the side of the pan (~ 4 - 5 mins)
Add the coconut and mix well

Heat 1/2 tsp Ghee, raost the Cashews and keep aside
Scoop out the puttu into a bowl, decorate with cashew and serve hot :)

How do you know rice is cooked - Mixture starts to shine and when you wet your hands and touch the mixture it does not stick to your hand.

10 mins Brinjal curry

Since R decided that he will take lunch to office I am scratching my head to prepare curry for lunch everyday. Lots of pre-requisites - should not have too much masala, should have variety, should use different vegetables to name a few!!!

So this what I cooked for today

You need
Round small Brinjal - 3 brinjals (halved and sliced thinly)
Onion - 1 large cubed
Tomato - 1 medium cubed
Cashew nuts - 4 - 5
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Green chillies - 1 tbsp finely chopped
Curd - 0.25 cup
Rasam powder - 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Cilantro for garnish 

Grind the Tomato, cashew and green chillies into a fine paste
Slice the brinjals and soak in water (add 1 tsp salt to water) till you need it
Heat oil in the pan
Add mustard when it starts to splutter add onion and fry till onion becomes pink
Add the ground tomato paste
Add the rasam powder
Fry for 2 - 3 min on med - high flame stirring continuously
Add in the brinjal and turmeric
Mix well and fry on high for 1 mins
Reduce flame to medium, add 1/2 cup water and cover and cook for 5 - 6 mins or till brinjal gets cooked
Add salt and stir and remove from flame
I made this in the night and kept the curry in the fridge
In the morning before packing the subji, I added curds and garnished with cilantro

Methi Peas Paratha

I like including Methi in my cooking whenever possible. I like the slight bitter taste of methi in my food. I saw fresh peas in the fridge and decided to make methi mattar malai, but when I took the peas out realised that I do not have enough peas to make the dish.. so here is what I did

You need
For the Dough
Whole Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Milk - 2 tbsp

For the filling
Peas - 0.5 cup
Methi - 1 cup finely chopped
Onion - 1 cup finely chopped
Green chillis - 1 tbsp finely chopped
Cilantro - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Mustard, oil 1 tsp each


Heat 1/2 tsp oil in a pan
Add mustard; when it starts to splutter add in the mehti leaves and fry on high for 1 min
Remove and keep aside
Heat the remaining oil, add onion and fry till onion turns pink in color
In the mean time coarsely grind the green peas and the green chillies. As I was using fresh raw peas, I did not soak and cook them.
Add the methi and peas to the onion and fry for another min
Add salt and cook covered over medium flame for 2 mins
Remove from heat, add cilantro mix well and keep aside

Mix flour, milk, water and salt in a processor and make a soft dough
Cover with wet cloth and rest for 30 mins

Pinch a portion of the dough and roll it out into a small circle of about 3 - 3.5 inch diameter
Add a tbsp of filling in the centre
Bring all the sides together and pinch the top together so that the filling stays in
Now roll out slowly into a circle

Heat a tawa
Cook the paratha on one side without applying any oil /ghee
Turn it over and then apply oil / ghee
Cook well on both sides
Serve Hot with Curds

Eggless Chocolate Cake

After the disastrous trial of making marble cake I had decided to take a vacation from baking. Last Saturday my MIL got up in the afternoon and said "Shree eenadroo cake maadde - chocolate tinbekuntha anista ide".. which was very quickly endorsed by Anagha :)

This is what I made

You need
All purpose flour (Maida) - 0.75 cup
Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp (unsweetened)
Sugar - 0.5 cup (powdered)
Baking Soda - 0.5 tsp
Baking powder - 0.25 tsp
Salt - 0.25 tsp
Oil- 3 tbsp
Curd - 0.25 cup
Warm Water - 0.5 cup
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Instant coffee powder - 2 tsp
Chocolate chips - 0.25 cup (optional :) )

Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F. Line and grease a pan and set aside (I used a 6" round pan)
Sift the flour, Baking powder, Baking soda, salt, sugar, coffee powder and cocoa powder
In a large bowl mix the oil, curd, water and vanilla essence
Add the dry mixture to the wet and mix with a balloon whisk until just combines
Add in the chocolate chips and fold in
Pour the batter into the greased pan and bake for 40 mins or till done (tooth pick test)
Cool on a wire rack

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eggless Blue Cup Cakes

Yesterday I promised Anagha we will bake a cake and her request as usual was "I need lots and lots of cream" and I am still not very confident in trying out. .so we made a deal that I will bake her a coloured cake and her request was for blue small cake and thus we have blue cup cakes :)

You need
All purpose flour Maida - 1.5 cups
Sugar - 0.5 cup + 2 tbsp
Baking Powder - 1.25 tsp 
Butter - 0.5 cup
Salt - 0.25 tsp
Milk - 0.25 cup
Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp
Blue food colour (Liquid) - 0.5 tsp
White chocolate Chips - 0.75 cup
Baking Soda - 1/8 tsp
Curd - 0.25 cup

Pre Heat oven to 180C/360F.
Line Muffin trays with muffin liners and keep aside
Sift Baking soda, baking powder, flour and salt, divide into 3 portions and keep aside
Beat the Butter and sugar together till light and fluffy
Add in the Vanilla extract, curd and the Blue food colour beat to mix well
Add in one portion of the flour mixture, mix well (mixer on low)
Add in half the milk and mix
Add flour, mix, Add milk, mix, Add flour mix
Spoon into the liners and bake for 20-22 mins or till done
Cool on wire racks

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Open Sandwich with coriander spread

I am not a big fan of open sandwich unless it is topped with oodles of cheese :) I recently had this sandwich at my collegue's house (prepared by his mom) and it was awesome.. So tried it today.

You need
Bread - 1 pound
Potato - 1 cup boiled and mashed 
Onion - 0.5 cup thinly sliced
Capsicum - 0.5 cup finely chopped
Lemon Juice - 1 tsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
Salt for taste

For the spread
Curds - 4 tbsp
Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Green chillis - 4
Tamarind - 1 marble size 

For the spread, grind everything other than the curd into a fine paste
Add in the curd, keep aside

Heat oil in a pan
Add Mustard and once it splutters add in the onion
Fry till it becomes pink
Add in the capsicum and fry till it becomes soft
Add in the mashed potato and Mix well
Add the salt and lemon and mix
Remove from flame

Take the bread and apply a thick coating of the spread
Put 2 tbsp of potato mixture and spread it evenly on the bread
Cut the bread diangonally
Heat a tawa and roast both sides on medium flame (using Ghee if required)
Serve with Tomato Sauce

Palak Gobhi (Spinach Cauliflower Curry)

My family is not a very big fan of Palak Paneer, so every time when I get Palak and start asking what do you want to eat the answer usually is palak Gobhi

Here is what you need
Palak - 2 cups roughly chopped
Gobhi - 2 cup florets
Onion - 0.5 cup finely chopped
Tomato - 1 cup finely chopped
Green chillis - 6 (As required)
Red chillie powder - 1 tbsp
Garam Masala - 0.5 tbsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Curd - 1 tbsp

Boil water in 2 vessels and in one blanch the palak
To the other add salt and dunk the gobhi and allow it to boil on high for 2 mins
Drain both
Rinse the Palak to stop further cooking
Grind the palak and green chillis and keep aside
In a pan heat oil, add chopped onion
Fry till pink, add tomatos and all the masalas
Fry for another 4 mins on med - high flame till oil starts coming out from the mixture
Add the gobhi and mix well
Add salt and add 0.5 cup water and cook covered for 5 mins on low-med flame
Add in the palak mixture and cook on low flame for another 2 mins
Serve garnished with curd with roti or rice

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Malai Capsicum

This is another quick recipe which goes down without any comment in my house.

You need 

Capsicum - 1 cup thinly sliced
Onion - 1 cup finely chopped
Tomato - 1 cup finely chopped
Green Chillis - 5 slit into half
Red chilli powder - 2 tsp (as required)
Garam Masala - 2 tsp
Curd - 1 cup
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Bengal gram (Urad dal) - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves - 1 tsp chopped finely

Heat a pan
Add 1 tsp oil
Add the mustard seeds
When they start to splutter add the bengal grams
When the bengal gram starts changing colour add the green chillies and onion
Fry on high till onion starts turning pink
Add the capsicum and fry for another 3 mins till capsicum becomes soft
Add in the tomatos
Add another tsp of oil (drizzle into the pan from the sides)
Add in the red chilli powder and garam masala
Fry on high for 2 mins till tomatos become soft
Reduce flame and cook covered for another 5 mins
Add salt and remove from flame
Mix the curd and let it sit for 5 mins covered
Garnish with coriander and serve with roti

Rava Dosa

Quick, easy and tasty dosa which you can make in a jiffy.

You need:
Rava (Chiroti) - 1 cup
Rice flour - 2 tbsp
All purpose flour (Maida) - 2 tbsp
Green chillies - 5 finely chopped
Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Jeera - 1 tbsp
Water ~ 3.5 cups

Mix all the ingredients except oil
Let is sit for 30 mins
Before making the dosa check the consistency of the batter
If the batter is thick add a little water
Heat the tava on high
Pour a ladle of batter on the tawa from the outside to the inside
Ensure the batter is not getting poured in a lump
Keep the tawa on medium flame
Pout a tsp oil around teh edges of the dosa
Let it cook for 2 - 3 mins
Increase the heat to high and turn the dosa and cook for another 2 mins
Serve hot with chutney

Eggless Swiss Roll

I have not been successful in getting A to eat any cake I make.. She like to clean off the spoons I use to mix the batter but will not touch any cake unless it has icing on it :) So today decided to try out swiss rolls with Jam..

You need
All purpose Flour - 1 cup
Castor Sugar - 3/4 cup
Milk - 1/3 cup
Curd - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 2 tsp
Baking Soda - 1/2 tsp
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 pinch
Jam as required

Grease a baking tray
Pre-heat the oven to 180C
Mix the Castor Sugar, Curd, Vanilla Essence and Milk
Add in the baking powder and baking soda
Let it sit for 5 mins and froth
Sift the flour and salt together
Add to the wet mixture and fold in slowly
Pour into the baking tray into a thin layer and bake for 25 - 30 mins or till  a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean
Cool it for 15 minutes and invert the tray on a flat surface to get the cake
Invert the cake slowly
Apply a coat of Jam (as think as you want)
Fold tightly from one end and let it sit for 10 mins
Cut into rounds and serve

Thicker you put the Jam sweeter the roll would become.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet and Sour Vegetable Dry

The answer to the eternal question from A in the evenings is "What is there to eat? I think my stomach is a little hungry". I have found a quick and easy response for this.. storing the chocolate chip dough in the fridge. My MIL now has become as expert on taking small balls of the dough and dunking it on the tray and baking it.. Belive me it just takes 12 mins for the cookies to bake and the taste is Nirvana :)

So today it was followed by a request for something spicy. I needed something quick and suddenly I remembered the sweet and sour vegetable I had last week when we went out for dinner..

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins

Here is what you need

For the Batter:
Corn flour - 2 tbsp
Maida - 1 tbsp
Rice Flour - 1 tbsp
Besan / Chick Pea powder - 0.25 cup
Salt to taste
Red chilli Powder to taste

chopped vegetables - 1 cup (I used ladies finger, beans, potato and green capsicum)
Onion - 1 thinly sliced
Oil for Frying

For the seasoning
Hot chilli sauce - 1 tbsp
Tomato Sauce - 1 tbsp
Soya Sauce - 0.5 tbsp
Water - 2 tbsp
Salt - 1 pinch
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp (optional)

Mix all the seasoning ingredients together and let it sit
Heat oil
Mix all the batter ingredients to form a thick batter adding little water
Add in the vegetables and mix well
Slowly drop into the hot oil as individual bits and pieces
You need to ensure that each vegetable bit is coated with batter
Fry till done and drain on paper

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Drop the fried vegetables into the pan
Add in the seasoning mixture
Mix well
Remove from flame - Sweet and Sour vegetable is ready to serve :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pav Bhaji with Avare Kalu

Pav Bhaji in my house is one of the easiest way to clean up the vegetables in the refrigerator.

Today when I started to make the bhaji realised that I forgot to soak the peas in the afternoon. Then as this is avarekalu season thought will use avarekalu instead of peas. Avarekalu is very easy to cook as it takes just around 4 - 5 mins to cook..

You need
Potato - 1 cup boiled and mashed
Cauliflower - boiled florets 1 cup
Onion - 1 cup finely chopped
Carrots - 0.5 cup cubed and cooked
Capsicum - 0.5 cup finely chopped
Tomato - 1 cup puree
Avarekalu - 1 cup cooked (Boil in water with 2 pinch salt for 4 - 5 mins)
Green chillis - 5 finely chopped

Pav Bhaji Masala - 2 tbsp
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp (optional)

Pav - 15
Coriander - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Lemon juice - 2 tsp

Heat oil in pan
Mash the cooked carrot and cauliflower and keep aside
Add 0.5 cup onion and fry till pink
Add Capsicum and green chillis and fry for another 3 mins on high with constant frying
Add the tomato puree
Add the masala, chilli powder and salt
Fry till tomato starts leaving oil from the side
Add mashed potatos, mashed carrot and mashed cauliflower
Mix well
Add in the avarekalu
Add 1 cup water mix well and cover and cook for another 5 mins on medium flame

Before serving
Put a sliver of butter on top of the pav and heat it i microwave for 20 sec
Serve the PAv with a bowl of bhaji garnished with lemon juice and coriander leaves with a side of chopped onion

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Happy Sankranthi Everyone :) (Sugar Candy / Sakkare Achu)

"Mathe Bandide Sanktanthi.. Ukki Hariyali nimma Manelyalli Sukha Shanti"

In my mom's house, we did not have he tradition of distributing Ellu and bella.. we just used to give it to girls who used to come to our house and I remember fighting with mom asking her why I can't go out and do it!!

After A was born my MIL was soo happy and enthusiastic about getting A all decked up and distributing Ellu & Bella... The preparations start 1 week in advance. A is very fascinated with everything I wear.. and now it is the patiala bottoms.. and every time we go out to shop for her, her request would be "patiala pant tagoloona" (Let us buy patiala pants). I think I would have searched almost every shop in commercials and Malleshwaram searching for a full patiala pant for her.. Then we decided to get on the net and get a pattern and stitch the pant oursleves..

Here is how it came :)

This time I made the sakkare achu getting inspired by my Aunt from whom I got this recipe

You need:
Sugar - 1 cup
Milk - 0.5 cup
Water - 0.5 cup
Lemon - 1 tsp
Food Color of your choice - I used blue as per A's demand
Moulds - I used chocolate moulds (wash it in water before using it)

Soak the sugar in water and allow it to rest for 15 mins
Dissolve all the sugar
Keep a white muslin cloth ready to strain the solution
Boil the sugar solution in a thick bottomed pan over low flame
When the solution starts boiling and frothing, remove it from flame and immediately strain using the muslin cloth
Clean the pan.
Add 0.25 cup milk to the solution
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Clean the pan
Add the remaining milk to the solution
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Add lemon juice, the milk will curdle
Repeat the boil, froth, strain, clean pan step
Add the food color
Boil the sugar solution on medium flame till it stats to thicken (Keep stirring)
Consistency check - Drop a small drop on a plate and you should be able to move it with a match stick without breaking the drop
Remove and pour it in the moulds
Allow it to cool for 15 - 20 mins
Tap on the back of the mould to get the sakkare achu

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pav Burger

R: Lying in front of the TV - I am hungry. .Is there anything to eat?
A: Lying on top of R - Me to hungry Amma. .What is there to eat?
MIL: Yes, make something nice for one of the events (with a grin)
FIL: Yes yes, I have got pav in the morning... make pav bhaaji... I will put the vegetables for cooking

And I was all tired with the preparations of Sankranti did not have the energy to make pav bhaji.. and wanted to do something quick and easy.. So for the evening snack we ended up having Pav Burger.. The recipe looks long but if you have cooked potato on hand then this can be done within 30 mins.

You need

For the Patty:
Left Over Idli - 2 cup crumbled
Potato - 1 cup cooked and mashed
Onion- 1 cup finely chopped
Corn - 0.5 cup cooked
Green chilli - 1 tbsp finely chopped (as required)
Any hot sauce - 3 tbsp
Red chilli powder - as required

For the Pav burger
Pav - 12
Onion - 1 med thinly sliced
Tomato - 1 med thinly sliced
Green chutney - 2 tbsp
Jalapenos, pickled Gherkins - as required
Cheese slices - as required


Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan
Add in the crumbled Idli
Fry for 2 -3 mins on med - high flame
Remove to a plate and keep aside
Heat 1 tbsp oil
Add in the onion
Fry till onion becomes pink
Add in the corn and green chillis
Fry till corn becomes tender (2 - 3 mins)
Add in the mashed potatos and crumbled, fried Idli
Add the sauce, salt and red chilli powder
Mix well and remove from flame
Allow it to cool

Take 2 pav and grind mixer to make crumbs
Shape the idli mixture into a patty
Roll on the bread crumbs so that the patty is finely coated with bread crumbs
Heat a tava
Add 1 tsp oil
Place the patty on the tava and cook on both sides on med - high flame till it is browned (you can cook multiple patty at the same time)
Remove and drain on a paper

To Make the Burger:
Cut 3/4 of the Pav and keep is on the tava with the inside cut surface lying on the tava
Remove from heat
Put some green chutney
Add the sliced onion and tomato
Place the patty
Add a little hot sauce
Add in the gherkins and jalapenos
Cover the pav with the other half
Press down a little
Serve with Sauce

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Avara Idli (Hyacinth beans Idli)

Yes it is the Avare Kaalu Season here in India and in all the vegetable shops and on the roads you will see people selling avare kaalu. My exposure to Avare kaalu increased only after I got married. During the season there will be some or the other Avare dish getting cooked atleast twice a week.. Out of all the dishes my MIL cooks of Avarekalu this is one of my  favorites

You need:
Rice and urad dhal - 3:1 ratio
Avare kalu - 1 cup
Coconut - 2 tbsp Thinly sliced
Green chillis - 1 tbsp Finely chopped (As required)
Corainder Leaves - 1 tbsp Finely chopped

Soak the Rice and Urad Dhal  separately for 4 - 5 hrs
Grind the urad dhal into a smooth paste with as little water as possible
Add in the rice and grind till it becomes a fine paste
Add in the salt
Keep the batter overnight to ferment

Next morning, check the batter to ensure it is fermented (The batter would have increased in size)
Heat water, add 1 tsp salt and dunk the beans (avare kalu) in it and boil for 2 - 3 mins till slightly soft

Grease the idle stand
Drop in a few avare kalu, coconut pieces, green chillis and coriander
Pour the idli batter on top of this
Steam the idli for 15 - 20 mins (If using cooker do not use the weight)
Open the cooker and let the idli sit out for 5 mins
Remove from the stand and serve hot with chutney

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rice Crepes (Baji Ari Dosa)

Weekends at my house usually starts with "tindi eenu maadodu" (What to make for breakfast?) and it was already 8:30 in the morning and my MIL and myself were still thinking what to do.. So my FIL says do quick version of "Baji Ari Dosa" that his Sis used to do..

You need
Rice - 2 cups
Salt to taste
Coconut Grated - 0.5 cup

Soak rice in boiling water for 20 - 30 mins
Drain the water
Grind in a mixie into a fine paste
Grind the coconut and mix to the rice batter
Add salt
Add water as required, to get a thin batter
Heat tawa, take a ladle full of batter and pour it on the tawa
You need to spray the batter on the tawa as you will not be able to drag it like a dosa
Cook on both sides like any other dosa
Serve hot

We had ours with Coriander chutney

This goes to "Let's Cook - Rice" event hosted by Radhika

Mushroom Balls

I love mushrooms...and this is one of my favourite comfort foods. .The first time I tasted these was on my first trip to US. That was store brought and after coming back to India I searched in all major retail outlets for these.. no luck. Then browsed the net and finally after lots of trails and errors this is the nearest I could get to

You need

Button mushrooms - 15 cleaned
Cornflour - 4 tbsp
Onion - 1 medium sized cubed
Green chillis - 5 - 6 (as required)
Garlic pods - 5 -6
Bread - 3 (a day old bread is better)
Oil for deep frying

Grind the onion, garlic and green chillis into a fine puree
Mix the Cornflour, the above puree and salt
Add water as required to make a thin batter
Put the Bread in the mixer to make fine crumbs
Dunk the mushrooms in the batter and let it rest for about 10 mins
Heat oil
Take a mushroom from the batter coat it with the bread crumbs and fry it in the oil on medium flame
Ensure the oil temperature is not very hot else the mushroom ball will become brown very quickly
If the oil is not hot enough the mushroom ball will drink oil and turn soggy!
Fry one ball after the other and drain the excess oil
Serve hot with Ketchup

Carrot Cream

My lil princess was down with fever and with all other things happening around it completely slipped from my mind that today is Wednesday and I was supposed to post a recipe as part of BHW.

This month I am paired with Vidhya Jayadeep of Vidhyas good eats. She has a good collection of recipes and I started bookmarking them left - right centre. For the first event I wanted to try out the red pepper and tomato soup, but this simple and tasty recipe caught my eye :) I have made very minor modifications to the recipe..

For carrot cream you need

Carrots - 2 cups diced
Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 3/4 cup or as required
Cardamom - 1 tsp
Cashew - 2 tbsp
Raisin - 2 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tsp

Pressure cook the carrot in 2 cups of milk and sugar (4 whistles)
Once cool puree with remaining milk
Mix in the cardamom
Heat the ghee and roast the cashew and raisin
Add into the Carrot cream
I served it at the room temp.. It tasted very good :)

This is going to be a regular in my house from now on..

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