Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boodu kumbala bondina tambli

I know I know it is quite a mouthful if you do not understand Kannada / Tulu :) Let me try translating it
Boodu kumbala = Winter Melon / Ash Gourd
Bondu - Soft and mushy part at the centre of the melon where you have all the seeds

Ash gourd is known for its medicinal values and healing power. Being low in calories, it is ideal for diabetic patients, and those seeking weight-control (ME ME ME). My Granny used to say this is very good for excessive bleeding.

Any way this is one of the very few veggies that my 20 M old daughter will eat with out fuss. When the sambar is done at home you can hear her going "kadi haaku nanaige naanee tintini" (give me the vegetables, I will only eat)

For today I have the tambli which my Aunt makes from the bondu.

You need:
Ash gourd Bondu - 1 cup
Curds - 1 cup
Coconut - 2 tbsp scrapped
Green chillis - 2
mustard - 1 tsp
urad dal - 1 tsp
Red chillis - 2
Curry leaves - 4
Hing - 1 pinch
Oil - 2 tsp


Remove all the seeds from the bondu and clean it by running water on it.
This will remove the slimy coat from the bondu.
Steam it in the pressure cooker for 2 whistles.
In the Mixer grind cocount and green chillis.
Now add the bondu and salt, grind into a fine paste.
Mix in the curds.
Heat oil, add mustard once it splutters add urad dal, red chillis, curry leaves and hing.
Add this tadka to the Bondu curd mixture.
Tambli is ready.
Serve it with Rice.

This goes to Nitu's Best Out of Waste event.

Rave Rotti

This is very simple and easy to make.

You need

Chiroti rava - 2 cups
Coconut - 1/2 cup grated
Green chillis - finely chopped 1 tbsp
Coriander leaves - finely chopped 1 tbsp
Jeera - 1 tbsp
Sour Curds - 1 cup

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a pan.
Add a little water if required. Dough should not be as hard as chapati dough.
Heat the tava.
Take a big lemon sized ball and flatten it on a foil / banana leaf.
Flatten the dough into a thin rotti with your hands.
Put the rotti on the tava and cook on both sides.
Serve hot with chutney.

Capsicum Carrot Chutney

My FIL asked at 7:30 "Can we have Rave Rotti for dinner today?" and I am like ok I think he got scared I will again do some experimentation and make him and my dear R the Guinea pigs :). I know R wants some sort of chutney with the Rotti there was no coconut in the house.. I had already prepared tomato chutney yesterday. So I logged on to the net and started searching the recipe for Capsicum chutney. Armed with the recipe of roasted bell pepper chutney from Meera, I asked Aunty to get the capsicum out of the fridge. When I opened the cover I saw 2 halves of leftover capsicums!! It was already 8:15 and here is what was cooked in my kitchen yesterday :)

You need:
Capsicum - cubed 1/2 cup
Carrot - grated 1/2 cup
Onion - Cubed 1 medium sided
Red chillis - 6
Urad dal - 2 tsp
mustard - 1 tsp
green chillis - 2 slit length wise
curry leaves - 4
tamarind - small ball with 2 cm diameter
oil - 1 tsp

Heat oil in a pan.
Add mustard when it splutters add urad dal, red chillis, green chillis, curry leaves.
Fry till the urad dal turns light golden in color.
Now add cubed capsicum, carrot and onions.
Fry till onions becomes translucent and carrot looked cooked.
Remove the pan from the flame and allow the mixture to cool to room temp.
Grind with little water into a fine paste.
Serve with Rotti or dosa.

Expert comments from MIL:
Adding a little more Urad dal (fried) will give a nice aroma to the chutney.
Tastes great with Rice and little oil :)

This goes to Priya's "Healing Food - Onion", an event started by Siri.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomato Chutney

Recently I found my old recipe book in which I used to note down the recipies that I liked, this was before I got my own notebook at home!! The collection has recipes from internet, from TV and what I have got from my family and friends. Today's tomato chutney is form there. Adding fried cococut adds a distinct flavor and aroma to the chutney.

You need:
Tomatos - 2 chopped
onion - 1 medium finely chopped
coconut - 1/2 cup shredded
green chillis - 4 slit length wise into 2
curry leaves - 5 - 6
red chillis - 1 broken into 1" pieces
mustard - 2 tsp
bengal gram - 1 tbsp
oil - 1 tsp

Heat oil in a pan.
Add mustard and when it splutters add bengal gram, red chillis.
Fry till bengal gram starts turning the color
Add curry leaves, onion and green chillis.
Fry till onion becomes soft and translucent.
Add chopped tomatos and fry till tomatos become soft (4 - 5 mins)
Add coconut and fry for another min.
Remove from flame and allow to sit till it comes to room temp.

Grind into a nice paste will very little water.
Serve with rice, dosa or rotti.

Ragi Rotti

It is difficult to think of non-rice variety food every morning and night for dinner.. Saw ragi rotti in one of the cookery shows on TV last week and below is my version of it :)

For Ragi Rotti:

Ragi flour - 2 cups
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1 cup finely chopped
coconut - scrapped 1/2 cup
green chillis - 1 tbsp finely chopped
coriander - 1 tbsp finely chopped

Heat 4 cups of water in a heavy bottomed pan.
Add salt and ghee. Allow water to boil.
Remove the pan from flame add the ragi flour slowly ensuring no lumps are formed.
Keep the pan on the flame and stir continuously till the mixture thickens.
Once this thickens it will form a ball and will start leaving the sides of the pan.
Remove from flame and allow it to cool to room temp.
Mix in all the other ingredients and knead for 2 - 3 mins till you get a nice soft dough.

Heat the tava.
If you are not using non-stick apply a bit of oil to the tava ( I use a cut onion to smear the oil on the tava... this ensures that the rotti will not stick to the tava)
Take a big lemon sized portion of the dough and keep it on foil sheet ( I used a banana leaf)
Flatten it as thin as you can using hour hands (dip your hands in water and flatten the dough if you feel that the dough is sticking).
Take the foil / banana leaf and put the rotti on the hot tava.
Remove the foil / banana leaf.
Cook covered for 2- 3 mins on high flame.
Turn and cook on med - high flame for another 2 - 3 mins.
Serve Hot with any spicy chutney of your choice.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Menasina Bhajji - Jalepeno Bhajji

R does not like bland stuff so you can guess his reaction when he saw my mushroom pete, but for me it was a case of My Stomach happy so I am happy :) so decided to make menasina bhajji for him and in-laws.

You need:

Menasina Kayi - 10
Gram flour - kadale hittu - 1 cup
rice flour - 1 tbsp
red chillis powder - as per taste
hing - 1 pinch

Make a Slit in the menasina kayi so that you can remove the seeds. (Make a slit from the stalk till the end on one side, use a spoon to remove the seeds)
Make a batter with gram flour, rice flour, salt, red chilli powder and hing.
The batter should not be watery.
Heat oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot enough Dip the menasinakayi in the batter and deep fry till golden brown.
Drain and serve hot.

Creamy Mushroom Pete

Shops near our new house does not stock mushroom :( Saturday went to the new Supermarket which is about 2 KM from my house. Could not believe my luck when the shop keeper told me that he gets fresh button mushroom twice and week and he will give me a call when the next delivery comes :))))

So came home with 1 pack of mushroom and all the other ingredients I need to make PASTA.. after reaching home realised I forgot to get the main ingredient yes friends the pasta!!!!!

Then some innovative cooking from yours truly resulted in Creamy Mushroom Pete.

You need:

Button mushrooms - 10 - 12
cream - 1 tbsp
Milk - 2 cup
Garlic - 5 - 6 finely chopped
onion - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Burger Bun - 1
Grated cheese - 1 tbsp
Pepper - as per taste freshly ground
Butter - 1 tbsp
Corn flour / Maida - 0.5 tbsp

Clean the mushroom by peeling off the outer covering.
Remove the stalk carefully make sure that the mushroom is not crushed.
chop the stalk and keep it aside.
Take the bun. Carve the bun so that you get a wide hole in the centre (bun looks like a empty cup).
Heat the pan and fry the extracted bun pieces till they become golden.
Heat butter in a pan.
Add the garlic fry for 3 mins till the raw smell goes off.
Add the onion fry for 2 mins.
Add the chopped mushroom stalk and the button mushroom and fry till the mushroom becomes soft and soggy.
Remove the pan from flame and then remove the button mushroom from the pan (with a spoon!!) and keep it aside.
Add the flour and fry for 1 min on med - high flame.
Now take the pan off the flame and add milk.
Keep the pan on the flame and cook on high for 1 min,
Add the cream and the ground pepper.
Mix well. Now add the bun pieces that you have cut from the bun (make bite size pieces).
Allow the sauce to thicken a bit.
Add salt mix well and remove from flame.

Keep the bun on a microwave safe plate
arrange the mushroom in the bun and around it.
Add the sauce and top it with cheese.
Add a bit of pepper and salt (optional)
Heat in the microwave on high for 1 min (till cheese melt).
Eat HOT...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saagu for Poori

This used to be the regular breakfast at my MIL's house on Sunday's when I came into this family after marriage. My MIL is not much into experimentation. So in these 10 yrs there has been no variation to this recipe :)

You need:

Boiled vegetables - 2 cups (carrots, beans, potatos, navilu koosu (kohlrabi) cut into 1 cm cubes)
Boiled peas - 1/2 cup
Lemon - 1 juice extracted

To be ground into paste
Onion - 2 medium thinly sliced
Hurigadale (roasted channa dal) - 1 tbsp
Green chillis - 4
corainder - 1 tbsp
jeera - 2 tsp
Coconut scraped - 3/4 cup
coriander leaves - 1 tbsp chopped

Heat oil in a pan.
Fry Onion till it becomes translucent.
Let it cool for 2 mins and grind with all the other masala ingredients into a fine paste.

Take the vegetables in a pan.
Add the masala. Add 1.5 cups of water
Mix well.
Cook covered on medium flame for 5 mins.
Take the pan off the flame. Add lemon juice.
Mix well and serve hot.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Menthe godhi dose (Methi Wheat dosa) & Heerekayi chutney

R doing almost night outs at office so not enough sleep :( Feeling very lethargic and no mood to make anything complicated. Had a bunch of methi leaves in the fridge, so here is easy and quick methi godhi dose along with heerekayi chutney.

for dose you need:

Wheat flour - godhi hittu - 2 cups
methi leaves - 1 cup finely chopped
corainder leaves - 1 tbsp finely chopped
green chillis - 8 finely chopped
jeera - 1 tbsp

Mix all with enough water to make the batter. (appro 3.5 - 4 cups water)
Consistency of the batter should be that of the rice dosa batter.
Heat the tava and take the batter in a laddle and spread it as think as you can make.
Cook coverd on both sides. Serve hot.
Applying butter on the dosa makes it taste yummmm.

For Heerekayi chutney you need:

Heerekayi - chopped 1 cup
coconut grated - 1/2 cup
tamarind - 1 small lemon sized
green chillis - 3
red chillis - 3

For seasoning: mustard 1tsp, hing - little, bengal gram - 1tsp, red chilli - 1, oil

Grind all the ingredients.
Add tadka.
Serve with Roti, dosa or rice.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Masala Mango Dal

Cooked this in record time today :) Had to go and pick up my darling daughter from school. Arms are hurting like hell after the rigorous workout given by my teacher yesterday!!!

Anyway here is the recipe:

You need:
Dal - 2 cups
Raw Mangoes - (Should be sour) chopped 2 tbsp

Onion - 1 med finely chopped
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Jeera - 2 tsp
Curry leaves - 10
Red chillis - 2
Green chillis - 5 (slit into 2)
Oil - 1 tsp

Pressure cook the Dal and Mangoes separately.
Drain the mangoes, Mash them and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add the mustard when it starts spluttering add all the other ingredients for seasoning.
Add onion in the end. Fry till onion becomes pink in color
Add the cooked dal and mashed mangoes. If the dal is too thick add a little water.
Add the red chilli powder and garam masala powder
Stir well
Add salt and cook for 10 mins on mid flame.
Serve hot with rice or roti.

Note: You can add garlic too in the seasoning. I have not added it here.

Baalekaayi koddelu (Raw Banana Sambar)

Again I have been soo irregular in publishing my posts :(
My promise to myself from today will publish at least once in every 2 days..

I love this fruit.. Think this is one of the most versatile vegetable / fruit available. In my home almost every part of this plant is used to make tasty dishes :) MIL is sleeping (courtesy of my daughter's restless night) so my turn in the kitchen. I took out the banana from the fridge thinking I will make banana fry. .ended up doing koddelu.

Here we go with the recipe:

Raw banana - 2 cubed
Tamarind - 1 small lemon size soaked in water
Jaggery - 1 tsp
Dal - cooked 2 tbsp
green chillis - 3 sliced (slit into 2)
coriander leaves for garnish

To grind (with little water)
Coconut scraped - 1/2 cup
Coriander - 2 tbsp
Jeera - 3 tsp
red chillis - 4
onion - chopped 2 tbsp

For oggarane (Seasoning)
mustard - 1/2 tsp
red chillis - few broken
curry leaves - 4 - 5
oil - 2 tsp

Pressure cook dal and banana seperately.
Heat 2 cup of water in the pan.
Once it starts to boil add the tamarind extract, jaggery and green chillis.
Add the dal and cooked banana. Cook for 6 mins.
After 1 min add the ground paste.
Mix well.
If the koddelu looks thick add a bit of water and allow it to cook for 4 - 5 mins.
Add salt mix well and cook for another 3 - 4 mins on low flame.
Switch off the stove
Garnish with Oggarane and chopped corinader. Serve hot.
Goes well with chapati and rice.

Note: I have reduced the quantity of water that I have added as I served this with chapati today.