Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papad Rolls

Hello friends back with Papad rolls after a very loong break. Too many things have happened from the last time I posted till now.. Will spill the beans later :)

Now back to my papad rolls:

You Need:

Papad - big ones prefered.

Potatos - 2 big boiled and mashed
Peas - 1 small cup boiled and mashed
Carrots - 1 med sized grated
Capsicum - 1 med sized finely sliced
onion - 2 med sized finely chopped
green chillis as per taste
garam masala - 2 tsp
chat masala - 2 tsp
oil for shallow frying

Besan - 1 tbsp

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan and add the onion and green chillis
saute for 1 min
add carrots and capsicum
saute till the carrots look cooked and onion starts turning pink
Add mashed potatos and peas
saute till water if any evaporates
Add all the masalas and salt
Mix well
remove from heat and allow it to come to room temp.

Make a mixture of besan and 2 tbsp water and keep it aside.

Take the papad and put it on a flat surface. If the papad is too hard dip it for few secs in cold water.
Apply the besan misture to the edges.
Make hot dog like rolls from the above mixture.
Keep it in the papad and roll the papad slowly. Make sure that the papad does not break.
Press the edges together.
Shallow fry this in the oil. [Make sure oil is not too hot.]

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Shobha said...

This is such a simple and tasty snack...easy to prepare too.