Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maddur Vada

Todays evening snack - Inspired by "Bombat Bhojana" presented by Sihi kahi chandru. This is one cookery show which I really like to watch. The way SKC cooks and presents the items is very nice...

Anyway when we were watching this show in the afternoon the power went off (Bane of Bangalooreans now a days!) So I thought let me make maddur vada today evening. I am not such a huge fan of this snack but every one in my house are.. So here we go

You need:
Onion - 3 large chopped
Green chillis - 10 chopped
Chiroti Rawa - 1.5 cup
Rice flour - 0.5 cup
Jeera - 1 tbsp
Oil for deep frying
Salt to taste

Sprinkle the salt on chopped onion and green chillis and leave it for 15 mins (covered).
Add in the rava, rice flour and jeera to this.
Heat 2 tbsp oil till it is piping hot.
Pour it on the mixture. Mix it well with a spoon as the oil will be very hot.
After 2 mins knead the mixture to the consistency of chapati dough. Sprinkle water iff necessary.
Make lemon sized balls and keep aside.

Heat oil in a kadai.
Take a lemon sized ball flatten it into a circular disc on you hand or on a plastic sheet.
Take the flattened vada and slide it carefully into the oil.
Fry on medium flame till the vada turns golden brown in color.
Serve Hot.

Tip: Goes very well with coconut chutney!


Panchpakwan said...

First time here..Lovely recipe collection Shree..:)

I love these crispy vada with tea.

Gald to follow you!

Sushma Mallya said...

Hi shree, thanks for dropping by , you got a lovely blog as well...maddur vada looks very crispy & tempting,would love to try this out...

Shree said...

TY ladies for dropping by :)
@Sushma - let me know how it came.

srividhya Ravikumar said...

wow.. looks crispy and my first visit here.. nice blog.. following you

Rach said...

I love maddhur vade. I never miss to have it when I'm traveling from mYsore-bangalore or bengalur- mysuru :)

ಮನದ ಮಾತು... said...

hi, first time i am visting u r blog. i got good receipe. today i am going to cook maddur vada. thanks