Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to work

After a very loong break I am back to work from Monday. So will see you guys around on Saturdays and sundays.. Till then have a great week :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mavinakayi Menthekayi - Mango pickle

"Uppina kayi mavinakayeeee" shouts the gaadivala on the road, and immediately you will hear 54 - 5 shouts from the nearby house, "mavina kayi irappa". And you will see the ladies converging on the gadivala and start commenting and bargaining for the mavinakayi.. My MIL belives you get very good mangoes for making pickle in Bangalore. So almost every weekend, early morning my FIL and MIL make their weekly trip to market from our house, travelling almost 20 kms in search of those perfect mangoes out of which you will make "the perfect pickle". We brought some raw mangoes from the nearby hopcoms and I told my MIL
Shree: Amma, letz make some menthekayi I have got some mangoes
Mil : hmmmmmm (shaking her head) how can you make menthekayi with these, you need Omlet mavinakayi..
Shree: (Scratching head) Omlet, why and what is omlet?

and I got a crash course on what is omlet mavinakayi. These are big raw mangoes. They are almost the size of your hand and full and round in shape.

So last week they went in search of omlet, my MIL & FIL came back from the market with a big smile on their faces, they got the 2 things that they were searching for "omlet mavinakayi" and "a crawling baby doll" for the apple of our eyes :)

Here is how you make menthekayi:

Omlet mango - 1
red chilli - 1.5 cup
menthe / methi - 1 tsp
Oil - 3 tbsp

Cut the mangoes into 1" pieces
Dry roast the red chilies and methi. Grind to make fine powder.
Heat oil, deep fry the cut mangoes frying 10 pieces at a time.
In a deep bowl spread a layer of salt, on top of it spread a layer of ground powder and then put in the ten pieces of fried mangoes
Repeat the above step till all mangoes get over.
Pour the remaining oil on top.
Allow it to rest for 4 - 5 hours
Mix once and use.

Note: The salt and the powder should be in 1:1 proportion.

Ramnavami Spread

The festival of Ram Navami is the celebration of birthday of the Hindu God, Shri Ram. Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu and born in Ayodha, an ancient Indian city. Rama Navami is celebrated on the ninth day of Hindu month of Chaitra (April). Ram Navami marks the end of nine day long festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri.

In my home beladahannina panaka, cucumber kosambri and neer majjige are prepared and offered to Rama. My granny used to say, this day officially represents the start of summer and as a cooler belada hannina panaka and neer majjige were made in gallons and given to every one.

As it was a holiday for my DH today my MIL said let us prepare a semi-fledged traditional meal today. And so here is our lunch

This is what a mini 4 course meal would contain -

Top row from the left - salt, pickle, carrot kosambri, cucumber kosambri, beans palya, biscuit. Next to the beans palya is mosaru bajji (raita)and below that is tovve (dal), mavina kayi chitranna (raw mango chitranna), rasam, bendekayi sambar (lady's finger sambar), mavina rasayana (Mango rasayana), belada panaka and neer majjige and sebina jilebi.

Pickle - Mavina Menthekayi The recipe is here

Carrot kosambri
- Soak about 1 tsp of green gram dal in water for 10 mins. In a bowl mix in 2 tbsp of grated carrot, 1 tbsp of grated raw mango, 1 tbsp scrapped coconut, 1 tsp thinly sliced green chillis, soaked dal, 2 tsp chopped coriander leaves and salt. Add the oggarane made of mustard, bengal gram, red chilli and curry leaves.
Mix well

cucumber kosambri

Soak about 1 tsp of bengal gram in water for 10 mins.
In a bowl mix in 2 tbsp of finely chopped cucumber, 1 tbsp of grated raw mango, 1 tbsp scrapped coconut, 1 tsp thinly sliced green chillis, soaked dal, 2 tsp chopped coriander leaves and salt.
Add the oggarane made of mustard, bengal gram, red chilli, hing and curry leaves.
Mix well

Beans palya
Cut the beans into 1/2 cm pieces and cook them in a cooker.
Prepare oggarane / tadka made of mustard, bengal gram, red chilli, hing and curry leaves.
Add the cooked beans, salt, 1 tsp jaggery, slit green chillis and fry for 5 mins on low flame.
add scrapped coconut and coriander leaves.

Uddina biscutu -
These are nothing but urad dal medu vadas.
Soak 1 cup of urad dal in water for 4 hrs. Grind into fine paste.
Add chopped green chillis, ginger and coriander leaves. Heat oil in a kadai.
Wet your hand in water and lift one small lemon sized batter in your hand and drop it into the oil.
Fry till properly cooked and color becomes golden brown.
Serve hot

Mosaru bajji - Raita - finely chop cucumber, tomatos, green chillis and coriander leaves. Just before serving add salt and a pinch of pepper. Mix with curds.

Tovve - dal - Cook the toor dal. Mash it with the help of a spatula. Add salt, chopped coriander, ginger and green chillis. Add a little water if required. Mix well.

Mavinakayi chitranna - Raw mango rice
You need
Cooked rice - 2 cups
Mango grated - 1 cup
coconut scraped - 1/4 cup
green chillis - 2
coriander leaves for garnish

Pepare oggarane made of mustard, bengal gram, red chilli, hing and curry leaves.
Add the grated raw mango, salt and green chilli.
Mix well.
Just before serving mix well with cooked rice.
Garnish with scraped coconut and coriander leaves.

Saaru - Rasam
Tomato - 2 med chopped
Toor dal - 1 tbsp cooked and mashed
Rasam powder - 1 tbsp
Green chillis - 3
Tamarind pulp - 1/2 tbsp
Jaggery - 1/2 tbsp
Coriander leaves

Heat about 2 cups of water in a vessel.
When it starts boiling add tamarind pulp, green chillis, salt and jaggery.
Add tomatos and let it boil for 1 min
Add the rasam powder and boil for 1 min
Add mashed dal and let it boil for 5 mins.
Reduce flame and allow it to cook for another 5 mins.
Just before serving, add hing oggarane and garnish with coriander leaves.

Bende Koddelu / Sambar
I have posted the brinjal sambar recipe here
Instead of brinjal we add bhindi. Cut bhindi into 1" pieces. Take 1 tsp oil in a kadai and fry the bhindi on medium flame for 4 - 5 mins. Use this instead of brinjal.

Mavina Rasayana -
Mix 2 cups of mango pulp with 1.4 cups of coconut milk.
Add 3/4 cup of jaggery.
Mix well.

Beelada panaka -

Take 3 cups of water, add 1 tbsp jaggery.
Dissolve the jaggery in the water.
Mix in teh pulp of 1 beelada hannu.
Squeeze in 1 lemon juice.
Add a bit of pepper and 1 tsp ginger juice.

Neer majjige -

Take 2 cups of buttermilk.
Add in 3 tsp chopped coriander leaves, 1/2" ginger, 1 pinch pepper powder, 1 green chilli, 1 pinch hing and salt.
Mix well in a blender.

Sebina Jalebi -
This recipe is strongly inspired by Tarla Dalal's work.

Apple - 1 cored
Maida - 1.5 cups
Dry yeast - 1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch

Dissolve the sugar in 1 cup of water and boil for 8 minutes. The syrup should be of 1 thread consistency. The sort that we prepare for Jamun
Add 1 pinch cardamom powder

Add the yeast and 2 pinches of sugar to ½ cup of lukewarm water. Mix well.
Sprinkle 2 pinches of flour on top. Cover and keep for 3 to 4 minutes. If the cup is full of froth, the yeast is ready to use.
Mix the flour, yeast liquid, sugar, melted ghee and some warm water and whisk until the mixture has the consistency of thick batter.
Cover and keep for 30 minutes. Mix well again.
Dip apple rings in this batter and deep-fry in oil on both sides until crisp. Drain on absorbent paper and keep aside.
Heat the syrup till warm, remove from the flame and drop apple rings into it.
Soak for about 5 mins and drain.
Serve hot.

And Here is the spread.

Pundi gatti

Pundi Gatti, one of the quick and easy breakfast dishes cooked at my home. This with hot and spice kadale curry is an unbeatable combination..

For Pundi gatti you need:

Rice tari - 1 cup
Coconut scrapped - 1/2 cup
Bengal gram - 1 tbsp
Coriander leaves
Green chillis chopped

Soak the Bengal gram in hot water for 15 mins.
Heat 2 cups of water in a kadai, add 1 tsp ghee and salt bring it to a boil.
Add the rice tari. Keep turning with the spatula till the water evaporates
Mix in all the other ingredients
Wet your hands with water and shape into oblong pieces.
Cook in steam for 20 mins.
Serve with sauce / chutney / kadala curry.

I am sending this to CFK: Rice hosted Trupti of Recipe centre for all and originated at Sharmi's Neivedyam.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BiBimBap and Oi Sobaki

I was thinking what to do for the AWED - Korean event and while googling came across Bibimbap. I am very partial to the rice dishes cooked as part of Chinese and Thai cooking. There are a lot of Bibimbap recipes floating around on the net and after hrs of googling decided to make my own (actually a hotchpotch of the recipes that I saw :) )

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish. The word literally means "mixed rice" or "mixed meal. "Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste).

So here we go...

Main Ingredients:
Rice - 1 cup
Carrot Juliennes - 2 tbsp
Radish Julienne - 2 tbsp
Cucumber Julienne - 2 tbsp
Mushroom Julienne - 3 tbsp
Onion Julienne - 1 tbsp
Green Onion - 2 tbsp sliced
Potatoes Juliennes - 2 tbsp

Bibimbap Sauce Ingredients:
Red Pepper Paste - 3tbsp
Soy Sauce - 1 tsp
Vinegar - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Sesame Seeds - 1 tsp
Sesame Oil - 1 tsp
Minced Garlic - 1 tsp

Red Pepper Paste ingredients:
Chilli Powder - 1 tbsp
Soy Sauce - 1 tsp
Rice Flour - 2 tsp

Prepare the Red pepper paste - Mix all the ingredients with a little water if necessary.

Prepare the Bibimbap sauce.

Now for the veggie toppings:
Mushrooms: Marinate the mushroom slices by combining 1 tsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp finely chopped green onions, 1 tsp minced garlic, 2 tsp sesame oil, 2 tsp pan roasted sesame seeds, and some ground pepper to taste. Just before serving, fry very briefly in a wok.

Carrots: Soak the julienned strips in salt water for about 5 mins, drain and lightly squeeze out the excess liquid. Fry this in a wok with little salt and sesame oil.

Radish and Onion Greens: Soak the julienned strips of radish in salt water for about 5 mins drain and lightly squeeze out the excess liquid. Fry this in a wok along with the onion greens with little salt and sesame oil.

Potatoes: Soak the julienned strips in salt water for about 5 mins, drain and lightly squeeze out the excess liquid. Add 1 tsp of red pepper paste and sesame oil and fry in the wok.

Cucumbers: Soak the julienned strips in salt water for about 5 mins, drain and lightly squeeze out the excess liquid. Mix with a little salt and red pepper paste.

In a large bowl, place 1 cup of cooked rice, all of the vegetables and top with the Sauce.

Mix all of the ingredients and eat :)

Oi Sobaki - Cucumber Pickle

This recipe I got from one of the cookbooks I downloaded from esnips.

You need
Cucumber - 4
Hot pepper powder - 1/2 cup
Green onion - 1 stalk
Garlic - 4 cloves
Ginger - 1 piece

Wash the cucumbers scrubbing with salt. Cut them into 4 inches long. Make a crosswise cut about 3.5 inches deep in each piece.
Dissolve 4 tablespoonfuls of salt in 4 cups of water. Soak the cucumbers for about 30 minutes in the salted water. Squeeze them with gauze or paper towel to drain water thoroughly.
Crush garlic. Chop green onion and ginger
Put the hot pepper powder, green onion, garlic, ginger and salt in a large bowl. Mix them well
Stuff each cucumber piece with the mixture. Place them neatly in a jar. Put the remaining stuffing on them.
Keep in a cool place for one day, and then serve.

Verdict: I fell in love with Bibimbap :) Next time around need to reduce the garlic a bit thou but this is one recipe, which is going to be cooked in my kitchen atleast couple of times a month.

Oi Sobaki - I took it out after 1 day but I think I should have allowed it to stay for 1 more day. but was a good experiment!!!

This is my entry for the AWED - Korean hosted by PJ. The AWED is the brain child of DK.

Oi Sobaki is my entry for the AFAM - Cucumber event hosted by Neha . The AFAM event was started by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual