Monday, March 23, 2009

Cream of Mushroom Pasta

High calorie.. but my comfort food :)


mushroom - sliced 2 cup
garlic - chopped 1 tbsp
milk - 3 cup
cream - 1 tbsp
maida - 1 tbsp
butter - 1/2 cup
pasta - 2 cups
olive oil - 1 tsp
Pepper - 1 tbsp Coarsley ground


1. Take about 10 cups of water in a vessel, pour olive oil and add a bit of salt to it.
2. Put the pasta in and let it cook for about 15 mins (do not cover the vessel).
3. Drain the excess water and immediately put the pasta in cold water and drain it again.
4. pour 1 tsp of oil on top and keep it aside
5. Put the butter in the frying pan.. add garlic, saute. Add musroom and saute (all on high flame)
6. When the mushrooms start turning golden in color, add the maida and fry for a min.
7. Now slowly add milk and keep stirring till the mixture thickens a little.
8. Add cream.. stir.. add salt and coarsley ground pepper.. and then the pasta... Cook for another 2 - 4 mins
9. Cream of mushroom pasta ready to eat :)

This is my entry for "Think Spice, Think Pepper" event hosted by Divya from DileSe.. The think spice event was conceptualized by Suntia.


Asha said...

Beautiful creamy pink sauce Shree, good one! :)

trupti s. said...

Pasta looks wonderful! I LOVE creamy sauces...! :)

the spice who loved me

Divya Vikram said...

Creamy n yummy! Thanks for sending it to Think Pepper event!