Monday, March 19, 2007

Dahi vadas

This is how I made dahi vadas..

For the vadas:

Urad dal - 1 cup soaked for 3 hrs (if you add hot water then for 1 hr)
green chillis - 1 tbsp - chopped
coriander leaves - 2 tbsp chopped
ginger - 1 tdp finely chopped
Hing - 1 pinch (optional)
salt to taste
Oil for frying vadas

For garnish:
chilli powder
chopped coriander leaves - 1 tbsp

For serving:
4 cups beaten curds
Salt to taste
kaju imli ki chutney


Wash and drain Urad dal.
Grind the urad dal into a coarse to fine paste
Add green chillis, coriander leaves, hing, salt and ginger.
Mix well till the batter becomes nice and fluffy

Heat the oil in a kadai
Wipe your palms with water and take a little batter into your palm, poke a hole in the centre. Drop this in the oil and deep fry till they are golden brown in color on a medium flame.

Drain the vadas.

After this soak the fried vadas in water for about 35 - 40 mins.

Just before serving, squeeze the excess water from the vadas.
Arrange the vadas in a serving dish. Top it with the beaten curd (remember to add salt to the curds :) )..
Garnish it with chilli powder and chopped coriander leaves
Add kaju imli chutney on top

Your dahi vadas are ready.
P.S: Yesterday I was feeling very hungry so did not have the mood to prepare the khajur imli ka chutney, so added the bhelpuri chutney from kissan (after diluting it )

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